We are an italian militaria dealer and manufacturer, at the same time a retail shop of militaria ss nazi german and italian militaria repros'. On this website there is our catalog and store online with mainly WW2 militaria reproductions of the axis but even more. We have lots of Nazi German and Italian militaria items, as badges, insignias, buckles, belt, buttons for uniform, badges for cap, orders, decorations, medals with ribbon and other souvenir. You will not find on this shop boots, weapons, uniforms, memorabilia, collectibles, survival, softair items, neither auctions. The most of our items are perfect reproductions of the original items made by mold of these ones, in fact we have not badges with clips but only with the original clasp. War epic zib militaria collection lomax warmilitaria.it militariacollections

ACHTUNG! This store displays WWII german and italian militaria reproductions (militaria ss nazi) for reenactors and military colleccionism. We take distance from every kind af political propaganda and ideology like Fascism, Nazism and Communism. All the items here displayed are new and availiable in the quantity you desire. If you desire the items with an oldish look, write us a line otherwise you will receive them new as in the pictures. We can do discount for shop, store, mart and merchants for large quantities. If you had problem in ordering write us, by a simple email, your shopping list. millitaria, miltaria, milataria, milateria, milatairia, militairia, mi itaria, store militaria shop, militaria marketplace

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Attention please, COVID 19 virus message: I am healthy and work alone. I have a company based in a rural area in the heart of Tuscany and we've been lucky so far that there have been minimal cases in our area. For this reason, I am pleased to inform you that we will continue to operate properly and that orders will be accepted and shipped as usual within 24 hours of receipt.
I ship also by Cash on delivery service in all the European Union.

We sell German,Italian,French,Uk military repros of excellent quality
Copies of medals, badges, insignias, buttons, buckles, rings and more
At dealer prices,
no taxes and custom fees
As we are manufacturer, we may offer continuous supply
All the items are made in Italy and finished by hand.
Fast and cheap shipment by Dhl and Ups
in the whole world.
Various choices of shipment and payment,
For proposing an alternative way of payment or PAYPAL, contact me without problems!
Answers in few minutes to all your questions by email.

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The reproductions will be delivered with a slight oldish look

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